You're Not Magnus Bane, But You'll Do.



Can they get ANY more cute??


Can they get ANY more cute??



you guys

Dr. Joly


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I JUST REALISED SOMETHING! Clary could technically have more last names than Jace. She could be Clarissa Adele Fray Fairchild Graymark Garroway Morgenstern Herondale!

“Alec is brave, and he’s good, and he’s loyal, and like all Lightwoods he has cheekbones that you could use to slice salami.”


Isabelle on Magnus’s voicemail.

Literally Alec Lightwood in a nutshell.

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All I want is Malec HP au where Slytherin 7th year Magnus Bane anonymously sends innuendos via howlers to Hufflepuff 6th year Alec Lightwood (who blushes like hell) and when Gryffindor Jace starts getting protective of his best friend Magnus sends him letters that explode and cover Jace with glitter that he can’t remove for like a week


TMI appreciation week - day three

↳favourite scene(s): CoHF page 438 (US hardcover) - Jalec moments 

"We knew the risks we were taking coming here with you. We signed up to die. I mean, obviously, I’d rather survive. But we all chose."

Alec said, clearly pleased with himself.

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“All he [Jace] could see was Alec, Alec falling off the side of the ship, Alec drowning in the black water below.”

—   Thought I’d give you some jalec. I gave this quote to my friend for her birthday and now she uses it as bookmark (via itsmeganonthemoon)

"Your favorite character is just a character that reminds you of yourself."



So I guess I’m a homosexual male that has been smitten by an 800 year old warlock that throws parties for his cat